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Mission Statement

Centralian Consulting Services is set forth to aid the local, national, and global community in the adoption of and adaptation to performance.

Company Overview

Centralian Consulting Services is committed to adding value.  We achieve this through strategic planning and delivery of business, internet/web and training/professional development.

Our firm is represented by the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol featured above.  It means agreement, togetherness and unity in thought and deed, the need for concerted action and a united front .  

The Centralian philosophy is to foster a collaborative working relationship with our clients, partners and suppliers that results in improved performance.  As trusted stewards, we work primarily with small businesses and organizations taking their first steps online and those currently online that seek to gain competitive advantages through the use of Internet technology.  We also work as subcontractors with larger firms and government agencies on a variety of short- and long-term projects.

Centralian consultants leverage their expertise in the planning and delivery of tangible improvements in performance in the areas of management and technology.

By truly aiming for extraordinary successes, we systematically approach and implement solutions that are aligned with our clients' short-term needs, long-term objectives and achieve the customer's desired return on investment.

Collectively, we have more than 25+ years of applied information management, business development, and technology experience in both public and private sectors.