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She's So Savvy --

Meet Quelina M. Jordan, President of Centralian Consulting Services

Quelina's mission-driven company is a standout among consultants. See how she came about such a great concept and what she has to say to other aspiring women.

Quelina M. Jordan, President Name, Title, Company:
Quelina M. Jordan, President, Centralian Consulting Services

BS Mathematics - Central State University (OH), MBA Management of Global Information Technology - American University (DC)

What you do:
Centralian Consulting Services is a minority-owned, female-owned business and is a relaxing, expressive blend of technology and cultural responsibility, set forth to aid the local, national, and global community in the adoption of information technology.

Based in Washington, DC, we welcome challenging opportunities to apply fresh new ideas in our immediate region and throughout the globe.

While our primary focus is to provide web design, hosting and maintenance services to not-for-profit organizations and small businesses, we also work with larger firms and federal agencies on a variety of short- and long-term projects.

The path you took to get there:
Hanging out with the computer science majors on newsgroups and in talk sessions during undergraduate planted the seed. Followed by a short stint with the Department of Energy practicing information management and learning HTML on my own, then embracing my passion for the unity fostered by the Internet, I started Centralian on a wing and prayer!

Your advice:
Build your reputation as a professional first-- it doesn't have to be webcentric, just have integrity--then find out what you really like about the 'Net and go for it with all that you've got! For example, I like learning new things by being a "freelance" webmaster. Know that there will be downturns, but remember that the students in Timbuktu didn't learn everything in just one night.

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